About Us

GroundWave Media is a small company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia & run by college students. Our passion for communications marketing stems from our experience as millennials and seeing the shift in brand image and trust over the past three decades.

Now, more than ever, companies have started being their own newsrooms. GroundWave Media tackles more than just the PR side of the media matrix- focusing our efforts on being more than just a mouthpiece for companies, but a partner.

Our President & CEO, Amanda Huelskamp, is a senior Public Relations major with years of experience in marketing and PR.  Our approach is centered around a “hands in the dirt” philosophy where we strive to be in the trenches with our clients building and fostering growth within small businesses and companies with dreams just like ours.


For questions, feel free to email amanda.huelskamp@groundwavemedia.com

To see the portfolio of our Founder, Amanda Huelskamp, visit huelskampae.wordpress.com